Swirl my love

we're up with some really cute stuff this time around!

Thick material, beautiful lining and stretchable waistline
Looks hip and fabulous by pairing with leggings, tank top or a simple tee

Seen on other blog selling at RM50!

Tutu Swirl
RM 42
Colour :
Silver, Blue

Status :
Silver - Sold
Blue - Sold


Thick comfy net patterned scarf
Suitable to pair with office wear, tube top or normal tee

Wrap-Around 01
RM 25
Colour :

Black - Available
Purple - Sold




Fringe Galore was featured in
A Shopaholic's Den and The Luxurious Fashionista!
Thanks a lot!
*bow* ^^

Thank you once again! =)


Fringe Galore!

We're back with fringe bags! ^^

Be it sling, clutch or simply a handy cute handbag
with captivating bow and gold strap
Zips available at the back and inner compartments too!
Get the fringe style today!

Fringe Cutie Bow
RM 39

Colour :
Grey, Light Brown, Dark Brown

Status :
Grey - Sold
Light Brown - Sold
Dark Brown - Sold
( Restockable )

Versatile and hip!
velvet material with inner mobile phone compartment
suitable for OL, college students for to its huge size.

Fringe To The Rescue
RM 50

Colour :
Dark Brown

Status :
Dark Brown - Sold
Black - Sold
Grey - Available
( Restockable )

Stay tune!we're going the tutu way next week! =)


We've been featured!

Thank you!



Back for MORE...

Hye! We're back!
Ok ok, we know we've been away for a long long time
but here's what we got for you right now! Enjoy my dear gals! =)

Ultra comfy long tee!

Pair it up with a belt or a fancy clutch and u're on the go!

Code : BGK010
RM 38

p/s : comes with the inner white strap top too!

And presenting, your perfect sexy top for the night out!

Our very own piece of princess top!

Comes with inner floral tube!

Code: BGK011 (SOLD OUT)
RM 30

And here's the real modelled pictures for BGK001-CF and BGK002-CF as requested by some shoppers

Both fancy cute little tube dress would be yours at RM 49 each!

And oh my oh my, look what we've got here to compensate our super uber long holiday.

It's the Oh-So-Wonderful Clutches!Comes in 4 colours. Hot Pink, White, Gold and Light Pink.

Huge compartment for you to put your goodies and we'll make sure you wont look too bulky!
Awesome clutch for the club event ain't it? =)

Oh, and don't forget there's a zip right at the back too!

Code : BGKT002-BE
RM 30
Hot Pink & White - SOLD
Gold - Available
Light Pink - Available

Grab em' all, right now! =)

Just one last thing before we're off for more wonderful tops and accesories
Beltie oh beltie

Wanna look fabulous? Pair it up with any top. Be it the long tee or the tube dress, you'll definitely look slimmer with that shine on your waist!

Code : BGKT001-AG
RM 20
Dark Brown

That's all for this November! Remember to check us out often as something BIG is coming up next month



For the Sexy & Sporty Babes this Summer!

Here's our very own June Collection! Grab them now!

Silky Shimmering Tubetop for the fabulous diva!

And you can wear it with any style you wanna go for the day!

Available in all 3 colours now!

RM 35
Code : BGK003_BF - colour of your choice
Colour : Golden (SOLD), Pink (SOLD), Black (SOLD)


Retro Jersey Top for you this June!
Comes with the little tank top too!

RM 30
Code : BGK004_BE

And another printed jersey top!

Comfy comfy top! you wouldn't want to miss this!

Comes with a small tank top as well! =)
RM 30
Code : BGK005_BE

Sway with us now in this beautiful dolly dress!

Available in Grey, White and Brown too!

RM 44
Code : BGK006_CA - colour of your choice
Colour : Black (SOLD), White, Brown, Grey

And we have these extremely cute tank top for our dearest shoppers!
With purchase of any items above, you're entitled to purchase any of these little prints tank tops below for just RM10!

RM 18 (without any purchases)
Code : BGK007_AD

RM 18 (without any purchases)
Code : BGK008_AD

RM18 (Without any purchases)
Code : BGK009_AD


It's summer time!

It's summer time! And we're back with something really really really awesome!

Awesome, ain't it?
It's made of real swimsuit material so you can drift underwater without having to worry bout anything at all!
RM 85
Code : BIK001 - DA
Status : Available

And we're also bringing...the crisscross beauty
Another swimsuit you wouldn't have to miss this summer holiday! And it's padded! ain't this sweet and sexy?
And we also have brown colour! wonderful!

RM 85
Colour : Black, Brown (padded)
Code : BIK002 - DD
Status :
Black - Sold
Brown - Available

And what is summer without sun , beach and parties?grab this now and head over to the summer splash!
RM 85
Code : BIK003 - DD
Status : Sold Out

Trust us. We know you'll look good in this Come on, show us what you got this summer. =) RM 85
Code : BIK004 - DD
Status : SOLD

well, we don't just wear monokinis, right? Flowery baby! So cute! the hunks can't take their eyes off you!
RM 54
Code : BIK005 - BI
Status : Available (padded)

hmm...hot, ain't it? =) padded as well

RM 54
Code : BIK006 - BI
Status : SOLD

Well, that's out summer collection of swimwear. But, we're not finish yet. =)
Retro checker tube dress! So cute and funky! RM 49
Code : BGK 001 - CF
Status : Available

We're also bringing another oh-so-loving tube dress to you!

Bet you can feel the love right now? =P

RM 49
Code : BGK002 - CF
Status : Available